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New Patients FAQ


Q.  How many patients do you have in your membership?

A.  I keep around 400 patients on my roster. Compare that to the 3,500 patients I was responsible for in my last practice, and you'll understand very quickly why this was a good decision for me and my patients alike.


Q.  How long have you been practicing?

A.  I have been in private practice since 1987, right here in Fort Worth. Through the years I have been involved in various practice groups, but I have always focused on primary care.


Q.  What made you change your practice model to Direct Care?

A.  Ask any physician why he or she got into medicine, and most will tell you that they chose this career to offer quality-of-life professional services to their community. I have seen so many changes come and go in the healthcare industry, it was time for me to set up my practice in such a way that neither I nor my patients will have the proverbial rug pulled out from under them ever again due to corporate policy changes.


Q.  How are emergencies handled?

A.  Just as before, you can call my office or cell phone, except you'll have me on the phone a lot quicker. Once I've heard your situation, I'll advise you whether a trip to the ER is necessary, or perhaps just an office visit.


Q.  Are direct care services covered under my health insurance?

A.  The fees you pay for membership are not covered expenses. Other expenses, in most cases, such as lab work or specialists, should be covered procedures, depending on your insurance plan. Every effort will be made to refer you to in-network providers when a specialist is required for your treatment plan.


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