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Over the last few decades, the business of healthcare has created an environment where physicians have spent less and less time with patients, and more time working through the system. On average, a primary care physician spends only about 15 minutes with each patient per visit. I didn’t become a doctor to see my patients as if they were on an assembly line – I did so to help see them through their lives.


It is my sincere desire to have the kind of physician-patient relationship that will enable them to have the life they choose to live with their overall well-being as the foundation. Direct Primary Care, often referred to as ‘concierge medicine,’ makes that possible. It is a choice that empowers us to take charge of both short- and long-term health-related issues, expeditiously and face-to-face.


Dr. Cole’s Members Enjoy the Following Benefits:

•  In-office General Medical Care for ages 12 through geriatric care

•  Same day/next day appointments

•  Direct access to Dr. Cole during office hours; and after hours by cell phone or email.

•  Routine appointments usually lasting 30 – 60 minutes

•  Annual comprehensive wellness/preventative exams

    generally lasting 60 minutes

•  Preventative/telephone consultations

•  Allergy and asthma care

•  General medical care, and chronic disease management, such as hypertension,

    heart disease, diabetes, and lipid management.

•  Urgent care needs

•  Well-child, well-woman examinations

•  In-office surgeries/procedures

•  Adult immunizations

•  In-network referral consultation for specialists or procedures covered

    under your insurance plan



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