“Direct care means rarely waiting in the waiting room, and seeing me,

your personal physician, whenever you need to see me.”


Welcome to J. Steven Cole, M.D. For 30 years, I’ve dedicated my career to taking great care of people I consider my friends and neighbors. Now, with the founding of my direct primary care practice, I can focus on each patient more personally and assuredly than ever before.


There are a number of essential benefits to joining my practice as a member. The most important of these is the fact that I can provide you primary care much like family doctors did in the not-so-distant past. Simply put, I'm immediately available to you. When you come in for a visit, I will know you well beyond your medical history, and we will work together as a team toward your health goals and well being.


Please click on “New Patients” above to read more about my practice. If you’re ready to join as a member-patient, please call our office number listed above to inquire about availability and how to get started.


— J. Steven Cole, MD

What patients are saying about direct care with Dr. Cole...

“Both my husband and I have demanding jobs, which makes the time we dedicate to each other extremely precious. Putting Dr. Cole in charge of our healthcare not only provides us peace of mind, but the time we save skipping the managed health maze is worth every penny we pay for membership.”

— D. W.

“I have ongoing health issues related to type 2 diabetes. Having Dr. Cole just a phone call away has been a godsend. I no longer worry when I have a question regarding my symptoms. Whether he offers over-the-phone advice or sets an appointment for me, his care is timely and compassionate.”

— D. U.



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